Recent Publications

ARZUM ERDEM, ESMA YILDIZ, HUSEYIN SENTURK, MELTEM MARAL. “Implementation of 3D printing technologies to electrochemical and optical biosensors developed for biomedical and pharmaceutical analysis” JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL AND BIOMEDICAL ANALYSIS, 2023, 115385

ESMA YILDIZ, BESTE YURDACAN, YASEMIN ERAC, ARZUM ERDEM. “Diagnostic kit based on halloysite nanoclay-ionic liquid nanocomposite modified electrode for electrochemical determination of cancer biomarker” TALANTA, 2023, 252, 123854.

MELTEM MARAL, ARZUM ERDEM. “Carbon Nanofiber-Ionic Liquid Nanocomposite Modified Aptasensors Developed for Electrochemical Investigation of Interaction of Aptamer/Aptamer–Antisense Pair with Activated Protein C” BIOSENSORS, 2023, 13.4: 458.


Period Position Content
2003-2005 Project investigator

TÜBİTAK Project - Project no: TBAG-2233 "New Techniques and applications in the design of electrochemical DNA biosensors (Genosensors)"

2006-2008 Project investigator

TÜBİTAK Project -Project no: 106S181 "Design of electrochemical sensors based on nanomaterials and their applications in biomolecular recognitions"

2007-2009 Project Investigator in partner country

TÜBİTAK Project - Project no: 1212R0168 "Control of bioelectrocatalytic activity by means of magnetic fields"; International Joint Project- the Royal Society (RS) between UK and Turkey, The Royal Society (UK)

2011-2013 Project investigator

TÜBİTAK Project - Project no: 111T073 "Development of dendrimers based aptasensor technologies using voltammetry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy"

2013-2014 Project investigator

TÜBİTAK Project - Project No: 212T082 "Electrochemical determination of homocysteine at disposable graphite electrodes"

2012-2014 Project investigator

TÜBİTAK Project - Project no: 111T050 (The international joint project under the scientific cooperation between TÜBİTAK and The Academy of Sciences of Czech) "Nanomaterial-Modified Disposable Electrochemical DNA Sensors For The Detection of Mutations and SNPs: Application in Diagnostics of Mitochondrial Genome-Related Diseases"

2002-2003 Researcher

TÜBİTAK Project - "Design of electrochemical DNA biosensors for the detection of inherited and infectious diseases", Department of State Planning Project (DPT Project)

2003-2005 Project investigator

TÜBİTAK Project - Project no: TBAG-2161 "Detection of interited and genetic diseases by electrochemical DNA biosensors"

2006-2008 Researcher

TÜBİTAK Project - Project no: 106T065 (with Hacettepe University) "Preparation of Electrochemical DNA Biosensors By Using Poly(vinylferrocenium) Modified Electrodes"

2010-2012 Researcher

TÜBİTAK Project - Project no: 109T831 (with Adnan Menderes university) - "Development of molecularly imprinted polymer electrode materials for electrochemical DNA sensors"

2010-2012 Researcher

TÜBİTAK Project - Project no: 110S146 "Researcher Development of new biomarker in Alzheimer’s disease: microRNA analysis in serum samples"

2013-2015 Researcher

TÜBİTAK Project - Project No: 112T805 "Project consultant Controlled Drug Release Systems Based on Conductive Polymer"

2014-2017 Project investigator

TÜBİTAK Project - Project no: 114Z400 "Electrochemical Detection of Single Point Mutation with Next Generation Nucleic Acid Biosensors Based on Multiple Measurement Systems"

2015-2016 Project investigator

TÜBİTAK Project - Project no: 115Z099 "Impedimetric and voltammetric miRNA determination with Graphene Oxide modified electrodes"

2016-2019 Project investigator

TÜBİTAK Project - TÜBİTAK 2551 - Newton-Katip Celebi Foundation: TÜBİTAK-British Council bilateral cooperation project - "Development of paper-based microfluidic electrochemical biosensors for detection of miRNA-based biomarkers for early detection of lung cancer"

2020-2022 Project investigator

TÜBİTAK Project - Project no: 120S419 "Development of Electrochemical Biosensors for the Diagnosis of COVID-19: COVID-19 Immunosens"

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